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Electric Bikes Brisbane

If you are located in Brisbane and would like to source a high quality electric bike then you really need to check out our range of Electric Bikes. Brisbane has an umbundance of bike tracks all over the city which make bike riding a real pleasure. 

Pro Electric Bikes has been an online seller of the Aseako Electric Bikes and the Zoco Electric Bikes since 2009. We have always sold at wholesale pricing, as we concetrate on the online market, rather than the traditional bricks and mortar retail model. Therefore our prices are significantly lower than retails shops, when you compare apples with apples.We cut out all middlemen, so you the customer saves valuable money for a quality product. 


Over the years we have sold hundreds if not thousands of bikes to residents of Brisbane. Some parts of Brisbane are very hilly, making our electric bicycles a great option. You see, all of our electric bikes have a unique Central Drive System which effectively produces alot of torque, which is useful for climbing hills. Please read about our Central Drive Advantage here.

If you feel you would like to arrange a test ride first, then you are welcome to contact us and we will arraneg a time to visit us on the Sunshine Coast, just near Twin Waters.