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Pro Electric Bikes Launches New Online Store

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February 2014 has seen us launch a brand new online store which now houses both the Aseako Electric Bikes and the Zoco Electric Bikes all under the one roof.

We decided to do this due to the fact that we have been running one website for the Aseako Electric Bikes and one website for the Zoco Electric Bikes for a few years now, so we said, why not get all our products under the one roof, so every customer can see our full range.

We plan to heavily market this new site and hope to push all potential customers onto this new site for all order in the future. 

Below, we will give you a run down on each of the main pages of our new site - 

  • About Us - This page give you a general idea of the history of our business from 2009 and lists the major changes we have made to our base model electric bike over the years.
  • Our Advantage - This page is quite an important page for us, as it explains why our electric bikes are so unique in the market. If you read the information on this page you will be able to see why our Central Drive Electric Bikes are so popular all over the world.
  • Our Models - This page will list all the available models that we now have in our range.
  • Compare Our Models - This is a very useful page for our customers as they can now clearly see every model in a comparison table in order to see where each model differs from the other. Worth a look.
  • Test Rides - We currently have two locations where you can test ride our Electric Bikes.
  • Spare Parts - When you are looking to buy an electric bicycle, it is very important that you know that you can buy spare parts, now and into the future. We pride ourselves in having as many spare parts available as possible so our customers always know they can always access parts if needed. Our electric bikes are also sold in many other countries under various different brands, so parts are also available in most other major countries.
  • Warranty - This page lists all warranty information for your electric bike.
  • Contact Us - Customers can contact us either by email or phone 7 days per week. 

We really hope you enjoy our new online store; we will be contantly making changes to our site weekly to watch out for these changes.