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Consider Purchasing Electric Bike for Spring

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We find every year that Electric Bike enquires and purchasing really start to increase as the warmer months approach. Its obviously much more pleasant to cycle in the warmer weather than cycling in the cold, wet windy weather, especially in the southern parts of Australia.

Pro Electric Bikes has a diverse range of High Torque Central Drive Electric Bikes; our Unique Patented Central Drive System gives the rider the ability to cycle up any steep hill they encounter due to the reduction effect of our system.

We have many different frame varieties to suit tall and short riders and we also offer the very popular Zoco Xtreme 500w offroad Electric Bike which is a pleasure to ride; The Zoco Xtreme is also fitted with the Shimano Alfine 11 speed internal gear hub which you can view here - Shimano Alfine 11. These Shimano Alfine 11 gear hubs are available on our complete Zoco range. You can View all of our Electric Bike Models Here

We ship our bikes all over Australia Free of Charge (some remote locations incur a surcharge) and we aim to get your bike to you very quickly, as our warehouse is centrally located in Sydney which assists us to get your bike to you anywhere in Australia, very quickly. 

We do also offer test rides on the Sunshine Coast and the Northern Beaches of Sydney, just Contact Us to arrange a test ride.

Best of all our pricing is extremely competitive as we are the manufacturer, importer and retailer; we do not sell our electric bikes via retailers or agents, so the customer is getting a great product at a very competitive price with no extra margins built into the price.

If you would like to view our bikes then please visit our website, call us 07 5448 9418, or send us an email and we will answer any of your questions that you may have.

Lose your Drivers Licence because of DUI?

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CF survivor meets hero on big Aussie cycling trip

Pro Electric Bikes has been very proud to sponsor Walter van Praag on his Coughing4CF ride across Australia. Here are some highlights on his electric bike journey:Andy and Vanessa Pointon were determined to meet Walter van Praag OAM after reading about the cystic fibrosis survivor's 3600km electric bike ride across Australia in a local paper on the Eyre [...]

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Coughing4CF gets support from Tasmanian Minister

CF survivor Walter van Praag who will be riding 3600km across Australia on our Aseako Electric Bike is now undergoing a "tune-up" at the Tasmanian Adult Cystic Fibrosis Unit in preparation for his big ride! Walter's cycling trip from Paris to Istanbul in 2009 gained international attention and has been made into a book and documentary. He has [...]

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Riding for Cystic Fibrosis

We are excited about sponsoring Walter van Praag on his Coughing4CF ride to raise awareness about Cystic Fibrosis! It kicks off from Devonport (TAS) in March, but training on our Aseako Bikes has already begun.We've set up a page for the event -- if you're a keen rider, why not ride with Wally in and out [...]

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What type of Bike Rack do I Need?

We get this question a lot, what type of bike rack do I need to carry my electric bike or in most case 2 x electric bikes, as we get orders from a lot of people that travel around the country in motor homes.You have two options....As long as your current bike rack is rated [...]

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Who Buys Electric Bikes?

That is a very good question....would you believe there is a very broad range of people that buy electric bikes these days. Commuters - People looking to use electric bikes to commute to and from work are quite a popular group of customers. These customers will generally live within 30 - 40 kms of their workplace [...]

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How Popular are Electric Bicycles?

Over the years of selling Electric Bicycles online, we have seen our sales steadily rising along with the popularity of Electric Bicycles in general. There are still a lot of people out there in Australia that do not even know what an electric bicycle is, but as more and more electric bicycles are sold in [...]

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Would you like to buy an Electric Mountain Bike?

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Pro Electric Bikes Launches New Online Store

February 2014 has seen us launch a brand new online store which now houses both the Aseako Electric Bikes and the Zoco Electric Bikes all under the one roof.We decided to do this due to the fact that we have been running one website for the Aseako Electric Bikes and one website for the Zoco Electric Bikes [...]

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