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About Us

ProElectric Bikes has a long history with electric bicycles.

Beginning in 2009 ProElectric Bikes recognised the benefits of electric bikes and was one of the earliest dedicated retailers of electric bikes. Taking over the Australian distribution of what was at the time the Gette brand, we redeveloped the bikes with our partner factory, rebranded them as Aseako Electric Bikes and released them via our new online direct to customer retail store.

Selling electric bikes direct via our online store allowed us to offer a great product at a very affordable price, helping many people get into e-biking who had not been able to previously.

Since then we have continued to sell direct but have also recognised the wider needs of our customers and from our northern Sydney showroom now offer a broad range of other electric bike types and brands. We also provide specialist expert maintenance and repair services for all types of electric bikes.

If you are living or visiting Sydney and are considering purchasing an electric bike or you need expert support services for your existing electric bicycle, then make sure you give us a call and take advantage of our extensive experience and expertise.


Call now to arrange a personalised visit  1300 55 99 76