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About Us



Our vertically integrated business model in which we sell direct to the customer via our various online stores, allows us to sell our electric bike range at wholesale pricing; so the customer will save over $1000 from what they would normally pay for the same quality and style of electric bike in a retail bike shop. 

Our company took over the Australian Distribution rights from an Adelaide based company who sold the bikes only via retail shops under the brand "Gette". The Gette bikes sold in retail shops for $2250.00 back in 2009 - since then we have completed extensive upgrades to the bikes and released the premium range of bikes which are referred to as our Zoco Range.  

Selling via our onlie stores direct to the public at wholesale pricing rather than using the traditional retail distribution model saves the customer a lot of money; hence our customers are getting access to our great product at a phenominal price.

We would on average receive 1-2 requests per week  from bike shops or electric bike agents asking if they can stock our bikes. We do supply parts and alot of advise and support to many bike shops who come across our bikes and there is room for both the online and bricks and mortar retailers as they both serve their purpose in this market.

Below is our business model.






Below is a list of other world wide distribtors for our electric bikes. Every distributor  uses their own branding to remain unique in every market.